Teeth whitening in Edmonton Alberta

Choosing the Best Teeth Whitening Method

Teeth whitening in Edmonton have quickly become one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. Whether for a special event such as a wedding, or just to boost their confidence in everyday life, many Edmontonians have turned to Oliver Family Dental for fast and effective teeth whitening options.

There are many reasons why teeth can begin looking yellow. Smoking, drinking straining beverages such as wine and coffee are among the leading culprits. Age and genetics can also be a factor, as the white dental enamel covering a tooth can thin over time.

What is the best way to remove stains from the surface of the teeth, and does it really require a visit to an Edmonton Dental Clinic? Let's find out.

Over-The-Counter Products Vs. In-Office Whitening Options: 

There are over the counter products available at drug stores that can whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home. Whitening strips, for example, which are left on the teeth for about 20 minutes at a time, can be worn in the evening while doing chores or just watching TV. They tend to be convenient and inexpensive, but can be challenging to wear or give patchy results. These products can work to remove mild surface staining, but they often take a longer time to do so.

Teeth whitening in Edmonton at Oliver Family Dental can provide whitening by fabricating custom upper and lower trays for your teeth and giving you a series of whitening syringes that are of a higher concentration for you to do at home. This option is effective for whitening your smile within a 1 to 2 week time frame while wearing your trays daily for 20 minutes. The results are much more uniform and longer lasting versus the drug store methods.

Alternatively, for those short on time or those looking to whiten their smile in the same day can choose to have an in office service done which can help whiten their teeth anywhere from 4 to 8 shades lighter. 2 20 minute sessions are done back to back in the dental chair where a dental barrier and whitening gel is placed ,and a high powered LED light is applied to the teeth. There is very minimal amount of sensitivity or irritation and results are instant and effective.

At the Oliver Family Dental clinic, we offer effective teeth whitening treatment in Edmonton, coupled with tips on how you can maintain your bright new smile at home.

If you're interested in proven results for achieving a whiter smile, then simply book your appointment at Oliver Family Dental today by phone, email, or online form.

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